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Ni Hao everyone I admit at first I was a little nervous about the knew exchange students coming but they were pretty nice.  I learned how to speak some Chinese and maybe made some new friends. 


I always think angry birds are awesome but I don’t know if my background is good enough.  I need to figure out if I should keep this one.  Do you think that my background is cool?

Angry Birds!!!!!!!!!

Angry birds are soooo awwwwesome. I have an angry birds t-shirt, a black angry bird stuffed animal, and a bunch of drawings. what is your favorite angry bird?  

           yellow bird             black bird

           blue bird                red bird 

           fat red bird            boomerang bird

                          egg bird

I am more AWSOME than Dustin!!!!!!!

I am more awesome than Dustin because my picture actually looks normal Dustin’s profile looks weird. Plus Dustin is more awsome than me. Hahahahahahaha ooh man that was a good one. Dustin would never even come close to how awesome I am.

The new game called sixth grade!!

This year I know is going to be great I’m surrounded by all of my friends and a magical teacher. From all the stuff that we have done so far this past two weeks I know that this year is going to be awesooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmeeeeeee!!!!!!!

PS: Dustin if your reading this when I said awesome I didn’t mean you where.